Losers and Winners of the “Black February” market collapse in 2018

This article gives an idea about “winners” and “losers” of the deep downtrend in cryptosphere of February 2018

By Prosphero Team

It’s nice and easy to trade in a constantly growing market. But… such markets just don’t exist. The cryptocurrency industry specifically is even more volatile and unpredictable. Each deep correction brings fear and depression to the market, forcing nervous investors to make unprofitable transactions.

Within the framework of our research, we decided to head into the Mariana trench – the deepest point – of the most recent severe market correction in early February 2018. During this brief period, the Bitcoin experienced a dizzying fall down to 65% of its record ATH in December. The entire cryptocurrency market experienced one of the ‘roughest landings’ throughout its history, losing half a billion dollars of capital over a very short time.

As we approached the epicentre of this dreadful tempest, we asked ourselves an exceptionally practical question: which assets experienced the minimal ‘slump’ under the aggressive current of negativity and fear?

This is, by far, not an idle interest since we have witnessed a genuine epically large-scale market stress-test, which has objectively unravelled assets with an ‘innate value’ – assets that have maintained their demand despite the external market shock.


Ratings of the most ‘resilient’ cryptocurrencies

Hereinafter, no more theories or models; only pure historical facts. This is the rating of ‘super-resilient’ assets that were tested in the crucible of the crisis and must certainly be noted by long-term investors. The higher the project’s rating, the more stable it is and the lower its depreciation rate was with regard to the general market depreciation rate.

Besides showing you the top winners – the most resilient and stable cryptoassets – we also decided to create a list of the most volatile and potentially unstable cryptocurrencies that have had very flexible exchange rate fluctuations under all kinds of negative effects.

Anti-ratings: the most flexible cryptocurrencies

Just like the list of top winners above, this table is based strictly on empirical data from the deep downtrend of February 2018. The higher the project’s rating is, the lower it sank economically and the worse are the results it portrayed.


In conclusion, we would like to note that this rating does not include certain peculiar ‘second league’ assets, some of which actually grew despite the general fall in the market. All these coins have low trade volumes, and, on account of quite symbolical liquidity, they are not well-suited for investments, which is why they are often subject to exchange rate manipulation, especially under the popular ‘pump&dump’ scheme. For this reason, we decided to identify the winners and losers while staying within the framework of the large projects that are at least in the TOP-20’s by capitalization.

All source data is empirical and true for ‘Black February’ of 2018. We cannot guarantee such correlation in the following potential super-crises, but we do call for a serious rethinking of priorities based on this evident data from a genuine historical stress-test.

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