Top 20 cryptocurrencies based on GitHub activity

The proposed index is designed to represent developer activity and is based on careful manual analysis of various project activity variables.

By Prosphero Team

Yet another Github index – Github Trust

Unlike many similar indices, which usually do nothing more than rank cryptocurrencies according to their GitHub presence, our index is designed to represent developer activity in a deeper and more multifaceted way. The proposed index is based on careful manual analysis of various project activity variables, divided into four components.

We consider not only the simple number of commits, but also their quality characteristics, such as scale and importance (for instance, the index differentiates between multiple simple edits of a file and implementation of complex technology). Besides, many other parameters are included, for example, the number of actual active contributors and the project development equilibrium, which provide a more precise and adequate idea of how each project’s code base development is proceeding.

At the first step, a list is generated based on 4 types of parameters, and the sum of scoring points for each of the 4 components defines each project’s position in our rating. At the second step, the list is ranked again, this time based on capitalization, in order to eliminate anomalous fluctuations caused by various little-known projects.

Github Trust Index – April 2018, estimated using data from the previous 6 months:

4 key components of Github Trust Index

  • Likes – people’s choice award: the number of watchers, subscribers, comments, and forks;
  • Activity – number of commits and contributors;
  • Trust – development acceleration, balanced commit distribution, presence and number of tests;
  • Other – all minor and indirect metrics, such as presence of project leaders among the project’s real developers, implementation of unique technologies, and community size.
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